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System Requirements -

Windows 2000, Windows XP Home, Windows XP Pro or Windows Vista

16MB - 128MB+ of available system memory (RAM)
**Memory requirements depend on search queue lengths.**

5MB available hard drive space

Internet connection

Purchasing CraigSpy -

The CraigSpy software is available for PURCHASE ONLY. No trial-based, freeware or shareware versions are provided.

Each CraigSpy license costs only $19.95 U.S. Dollars, which is non-refundable.

Each license can be installed on up to two (2) different computers.

Upon purchasing the CraigSpy software, you will be sent an email containing download and registration information.

Serial Numbers, Startup Email -

CraigSpy serial numbers are generated uniquely per user, and stored in our system for verification purposes. Each serial number provides a license valid for up to two (2) different Windows-based computer systems. If you reinstall CraigSpy (for a second or third+ time) on a newly formatted system or another computer, you may experience difficulties in validating the software. If you experience this issue, please contact support to have a software technician reset your registration information on our servers.


Download & Installation -

After purchasing CraigSpy, you will receive a download link in your email. Click on this link to download the CraigSpy software. You can choose to either "Save" or "Run" the file from the link provided.

After you have downloaded the installer, run the file and follow the on-screen instructions.

Once installed, CraigSpy will be located in your Programs menu under the "CraigSpy" group.

Using CraigSpy -

The CraigSpy software is simple to use and can be very effective when you are often looking for specific items on

The interface is simple: choose the Location(s) and Category(ies) you wish to search, and enter your key words (if necessary.) Exact phrases and key words must be separated by commas. Search terms involving multiple words (ie: "cell phone") will search for the precise word combination "cell phone" and will ignore postings titled "new cellular phone", "used phone", and "lots of cellphones". It will match postings such as "new cell phone" and "used cell phone". To match all of these listings, try the search terms "cell, phone" (using a comma to separate the words.)

In the latest version of CraigSpy, users can now exclude specific key words using the hyphen as a symbol preceding the key word/phrase. For example: "truck, -ford" will search posts for the word "truck", but will ignore posts with the word "ford".

Additionally, CraigSpy comes with a "Refresh" feature for automation purposes. This feature will re-scan the website every 5-99 minutes while comparing your query to the last 100-2000 posts of each location/category searched. This automation feature allows you the time to work or play without having to constantly monitor CraigsList.

Furthermore, you can choose to play alert sounds upon notification, and browse a history list of previous items found.

Known Errors, Bugs and Limitations -

Searching an extensive range of locations and categories can demand more system memory and can cause CraigSpy to crash on low-memory systems. This only occurrs when a user searches between about 30 and 10,000+ lists. To determine the number of lists CraigSpy must search, simply multiply the number of locations selected by the number of categories selected, times the number of posts to search deep divided by 100. ie: (Locations * Categories) * (PageDepth / 100)

Most users won't search such a long queue of lists, but if you do, it is reccommended that you enable the "Show Matching Posts ONLY" option to prevent unwanted postings from appearing in the list. This helps to prevent your system from crashing.

There are currently a possible 1,027,800 lists that could be searched at once; it is NOT reccomended that you try this as it may crash the program and potentially your computer.

There are not currently any other known bugs or errors in the software. If you come across an error, please report it and restart your software to reset CraigSpy.

To report erroneous behaivor, please contact us.

Registered users receive product updates and bug fixes on a regular basis.

Troubleshooting -

Troubleshooting database is currently offline.
Please check back soon as we are currently working on a solution.
If you are having difficulties with the software or would like technical support, please contact us at or use the contact form provided.


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