Are you an avid user?

Do you regularly watch CraigsList for specific items,
and miss a bid because you're
TOO LATE when viewing the posting?

Safe, Secure and Easy!


CraigSpy is the ultimate CraigsList monitoring solution!


CraigSpy is a search utility program for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 with which you can manually
or automatically scan preferred categories and locations on CraigsList using specific key words
to filter unwanted posts. When CraigSpy finds something that matches your search terms,
it will alert you of these new posts immediately! This tool is great for watching for those hard-to-find items!

Since items and postings on CraigsList are based on a first-come, first-serve basis,
your chances of getting a rare find on CraigsList is slim, (unless you're refreshing your web browser 24/7!)
But, with CraigSpy, you will greatly increase your chances of being the first person in line!
In addition, the simple user interface will allow you to quickly browse postings and photos!

Never miss another FREE item!

Watch for the BEST deals!

Find the job of your DREAMS!

Meet that PERFECT someone!

Lease or buy the home you WANT!

Find a lost pet!

Monitor your advertisements!

Browse CraigsList FASTER! many possibilities!

Safe, Secure and Easy!


Designed for
Windows 2000,
XP, Vista and 7!

The CraigSpy software IS 100% SPYWARE, ADWARE AND VIRUS FREE!
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